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Stories about San José

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Five Stars from Carole Jean!

Michael Miller, Author of The Real San Jose, with Carole Jean Connolly. Carole is a fellow AWCR (American Writer in Costa Rica).

November, 2014 (revised April, 2018)

Pictured above is your humble author with a paperback edition of The Real San José, and the always vivacious Carole Jean Connolly.  Carole just posted a wonderful FIVE-STAR review of The Real San José on Amazon.  She writes:

“I have been coming to Costa Rica for years as a visitor, and have lived here full time for 3 years.  Michael Miller’s guide-book explains the mysteries of navigation within the City itself.  I finally understand how the streets and avenues work.  There is a fold-out map which is clear, easy to read and follow, and it highlights some of the landmarks which are the reference points for finding some of the hidden jewels he introduces to us.  Now that I have it, I wish I had is sooner.  Thanks Michael Miller!  I will recommend this book to visitors and locals alike.”

Thank you, Carole Jean!

Many of you who have an interest in Costa Rica are already familiar with Carole Jean Connolly.  She was the author of “Carole Jean’s Costa Rica Capers,” an immensely popular blog that followed her adventures while she lived here in Costa Rica.  It was awarded the “Top ExPat Blog in Costa Rica."

Now Carole Jean is back on the mainland, but she continues to chronicle her exploits with her new site, "Carole Jean's Capers." Whether she is visiting her old friend, San Francisco stripper Carol Doda or bungee jumping off a Northern California bridge, her writing is always a kick. You can link to her site by clicking here:

By the way, the paperback version of The Real San José is only available in Costa Rica.  So come on down!

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