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Walking Tours in
San José

If you would like to actually see some of the places that were discussed on this website, I suggest that you contact me for a guided walking tour of Downtown San José.


I have teamed with Nury Mora, a terrific tour guide who has been a great help to me in planning and writing my first-person guide, San Jose Costa Rica. And Nury has helped me to write many of the articles on this website.


Nury was born and raised in San José. She is bi-lingual and she has a vast knowledge of all the things worth seeing and doing in this exciting city. 


Our walking tour of Downtown San José takes between 2 to 3 hours and it covers about 3 miles (about 5 kilometers). We have a number of sites that we recommend that you see on this tour, but we can also tailor it to fit your needs.


On our tour you will see the city's important sites. You will visit the National Theater and the magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral. You will enjoy some of the city's parks and stroll through some of its pleasant neighborhoods.


And equally important, you will learn about Costa Rica's history and culture. We will help you discover why Costa Rica is so different from its Latin American neighbors. You will begin to understand that this country is unlike any other in the world. 


This tour is a great way for people visiting San José to get the most out of their short stay in the city. It is also an excellent introduction for people who are planning to be here for a few months; (Students, missionaries, visiting doctors and others.)

And if you are an expat living out in the suburbs or at one of the beach communities, our walking tour can easily be scheduled during one of your visits to the city.


You need to be reasonably mobile to take the tour. But it is not too difficult. After all, the subtitle of my guidebook is “A stroll through the heart and soul of Costa Rica's capital city.” That can also describe our tour.


We do recommend that you wear good walking shoes. Do not wear open-toed shoes or flip-flops.


Depending on our schedules, the tour can be conducted by myself, Michael Miller or by Nury Mora, and sometimes by both of us.

You can contact me by email:

Or you can contact Nury Mora at:

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