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Michael Miller
author of
San José Costa Rica, a stroll through the "heart and soul" of Costa Rica's capital city 

Michael Miller, has over forty years of business experience, primarily in sales and marketing. He worked in the early 1990's for the parent company of the Oakland Tribune as its Marketing Director for Circulation.

He grew up in the beautiful Endless Mountains of northern Pennsylvania, and has lived in Honolulu, the San Francisco Bay Area, Southwest Florida and Costa Rica. He lived in The Oakland Hills during the tragic Oakland Hills Fire of 1991. He has travelled extensively in the Far East, Europe and Central America.

Mr. Miller is the author of the original guide book for Downtown San José, Costa Rica called The Real San José. Now he has created the comprehensive and insightful San José Costa Rica, A stroll through the "heart and soul" of Costa Rica's capital city.

He also hosts the popular website about downtown San José:

Mr. Miller is the Downtown San José correspondent for the English-language on-line magazine, “Q Costa Rica” ( And he writes a popular column in "El Residente," the official magazine of the Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR).

Michael Miller is also the author of the exciting novel Tribune Man. It is an adventure set in the beautiful, fascinating and often under-rated city of Oakland, California.  Much of the action takes place during the tragic Oakland Hills Fire of 1991. Click here for more details:   Tribune Man is Michael Miller's first novel.

Mr. Miller has served in the United States Navy and is a Vietnam Veteran. He holds a degree in economics. Mr. Miller currently spends his time in San José, Costa Rica and Naples, Florida. 

Contact: Mr. Miller invites your comments. Use the email address:  or use the form below.

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