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Art Museum Brings Giant Shoes to Downtown San José

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Next to the venerable National Theater in Downtown San José, is an exhibit of giant shoes from the national art museum.

by Michael Miller

(July, 2015)

Art Museum brings giant shoes to Downtown San José .

There are shoes in the Plaza!  Not just any shoes.  Giant shoes!

Corporate sponsors, along with the national art museum (known as MAC) brought this exhibit of giant women’s shoes to the Plaza de la Cultura.

Costa Rica’s national art museum, properly known as Museo de Arte Costarricense (or MAC), has brought a display of women’s shoes to the Plaza de la Cultura in Downtown San José, Costa Rica.

In an effort to dispel the myth that art is only for the wealthy elite, the Museum presents this fun and imaginative exhibit of high heeled women’s shoes.  And when we say, “high heeled,” we are not joking.  These shoes, along with a pedestal stand over 6 feet high.

Visitors to the Plaza stop to pose next to the shoes they like.

Women and girls of all ages enjoyed photographing and being photographed with the exhibit of giant shoes.

The shoes are made of a plastic material, which are then covered by the work of artists.  The result is a collection of bright, colorful and whimsical shoes that have turned the Plaza into, what could be described as, a scene out of a Costa Rican Alice in Wonderland.

And how is the public reacting? They love it. Especially the women.

Like a Costa Rican version of Alice in Wonderland, the Plaza gets a bit of magic.

The Plaza de la Cultura, next to the National Theater and the Gran Hotel Costa Rica is always a popular place.  But this weekend it was jammed with both Ticos and tourists as they wandered through the collection of 24 giant shoes.  Women and girls of all ages posed for pictures in front of the shoes they liked.

Each of the shoes has a corporate sponsor.  The sponsors, along with the MAC, have brought a little magic to this plaza in the heart of Downtown San José.  The giant shoe exhibit will be in the Plaza de la Cultura until July 13th.

Ticos and tourists, kids and clowns all have a great time exploring the collection of giant shoes at the Plaza de la Cultura.

San José is s city full of surprises. And this is a good one. It’s all part of "The Real San José."

Michael Miller is the author of the first and only guide book that focuses on Downtown San José, Costa Rica, titled The Real San José. Paperback copies are available for sale at selected retail outlets in San José.  An electronic version of The Real San José is available at Amazon/Kindle.  To access it, click here.

Your questions and comments are always welcomed. You can contact Michael directly by email: You can see additional stories that Michael has written about Downtown San José at his website:


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