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David Adams RIP

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

David Adams, passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 2017.

by Michael Miller

(November, 2017)

San José‘s Gringo Gulch has lost another larger-than-life personality.  David Adams passed away on November 23, Thanksgiving Day, 2017.  He was 65 years old.

David was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana.  He was an ICU Registered Nurse and spent most of his career near Dallas, Texas.

In retirement, he spent his last couple of years in Downtown San José, Costa Rica. During those years he had been suffering from heart problems.  Earlier this fall, he flew to the USA to see his heart doctor and to have some work done.

David had every intention of returning to Costa Rica, but he recently sent an email to his landlord saying he was having some complications.  It was over Thanks-giving weekend that his brother sent word that David had just passed away.

The empty seat on David’s deck in Gringo Gulch. It was here that David greeted passers-by, and often discussed sports and current events.

David was a regular fixture on his folding chair on the small deck outside his apartment, in the Gringo Gulch section of Downtown San José.  He often had a group of expats gathered near his deck, discussing sports and current events.  David was an avid hunter and traveler, and he closely followed Louisiana sports, particularly LSU football.

In the evenings David could often be found at some of the local taverns, especially the renowned restaurant and sports bar, The Sportsmen’s Lodge.  He had a regular seat at the corner of the back bar at the Lodge.  Most any night he would have a large group of friends from all over the world with him, solving the world’s problems.  And he was often be seen in the company of attractive Latina women.

The bartenders and the staff at the Sportsmen’s Lodge considered him one of their favorites.  His maid at his apartment commented the same way.  He had a reputation for being kind and respectful to the local people with whom he dealt, and they have all expressed sadness at his passing.

David Adams: 1952 – 2017.  David was a part of "the real San José." He will be missed.

Michael Miller is the author of the first and only guide book that focuses on Downtown San José, Costa Rica, titled The Real San José. Paperback copies are available for sale at selected retail outlets in San José.  An electronic version of The Real San José is available at Amazon/Kindle.  To access it, click here.

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